Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Thirty-nine

Day 139 - Supporting Supportive Friends
I had a new experience today - a dear friend became a client.
Randy is up for an important job interview next week, so he asked me to sit with him and take him through my Interviewing Skills Coaching program.  We didn’t do the whole thing - the first third wasn’t relevant to his needs, and it made more sense to cover the topics that would help him prepare.  He insisted on paying me, even though I told him I’d do this for free for such a close friend.  So I explained to him what the normal fee would have been, and left it up to him how much he'd like to pay knowing that I wouldn’t charge him at all.  He paid me 75%, which I felt was very generous.
I thought later how wonderful it is to have the support of my friends, and how wonderful it is that I can reciprocate with something of value.  I really hope he gets this job - he deserves it - and it would make me feel like I can help my friends as much as they help me.

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