Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Two

Day 102 - The Bay Area
I love this part of the world.
I have never lived in San Francisco, which may be the reason there is always a sense of magic when I go there.  And like many visitors, I associate the entire area with San Francisco, even though the outlying areas all have personalities of their own.
I stayed with my friends James and Aaron in Emeryville, who make me feel as welcome and comfortable as family.  James took me to lunch at a restaurant that would become a favorite if I lived in the area (the food and service are great!), and catching up on the past six months since my last drive through the area was easy and light.  
I had dinner in the city with John, whom I met in Palm Springs a year ago and who visited Portland recently, and had a lovely time - such beautiful views of the Bay from his house in the hills above Noe Valley.  
As I returned to Emeryville for the night, I remarked to myself how easy I am with my friends in the Bay Area - though I have met them through different circles (former co-workers down south, other guests at a resort in Palm Springs, or potential contestants during auditions for a game show - more on that later), I find myself being as comfortable when I visit this part of the world as if I had lived there for years.  I “belong” here regardless of where I’m living.  
What a joy to be here again.

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