Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Thirty-one

Day 131 - Consistency
I had a “normal” day - nothing new happened, and I saw some of the same people I usually see on a Friday.  After all, this is the day I go to the Job Finders Support Group, and I always feel better after I go there.
I was thinking about Cleon, the group’s moderator, and how consistently supportive he is.  There are a few members of the group who are there almost every week, supporting the other participants in positive, encouraging ways.  We are all in similar situations, and the feelings of camaraderie are helpful.
Regular attendance also gives me an anchor to my calendar, along with the other networking groups I attend.  They give me a sense of schedule I would otherwise lack, and a purpose for each day they take place.  It gets me “out of the house.”
Consistency is helping me get through a rough time, and I’m glad for it.

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