Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Thirty-five

Day 135 -  New Responsibilities
Today was my first day as moderator of a job seekers networking group.  The Breakfast Club is different from other groups because the participants make a commitment to the actions they’ll take toward their job search at each meeting.  I want to establish a safe environment - one where participants are making the commitment to themselves, not to the others in the room, and are safe to choose a lot of activity or a little - and to be accountable to themselves for the speed of their progress.  
I had several people there to support the participants, which supported me as well.  Cleon, someone I consider a mentor as well as friend and colleague, sent me a message later saying, “You done good.”  I remember my dad saying that to me from time to time.  It was particularly gratifying to read that.
I also “interviewed” a job seeker for membership in another group I participate with - the Beers Network (executive job seekers).  I was honored to be asked to involve myself in the process, and look forward to more of these opportunities.
And I met with another group moderator for an introductory chat.  I feel very fortunate to have all this activity in my life, and for the responsibilities that are now on my shoulders; they continue to give me purpose to my days, even if they do not bring a direct income.  I feel as if this is an educational experience that will likely serve me well into the future.

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