Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Twenty-five

Day 125 - My iPhone
I know... I sound like the typical Apple junkie by saying I’m grateful for my iPhone.  But today I’m grateful for it.  Through “apps” like PingChat, I am able to keep in touch with friends in other countries when simple text messages would cost us a fortune.  It allows me to feel somewhat connected to those who are important to me.  And getting a text message from those I love makes me feel good.
It offers me the chance to play a game (Words With Friends - a version of Scrabble) with my daughter (when she remembers to look to see if it’s her turn).
It allows me to send and receive photos and videos to/from friends anywhere.
And it is a source of humor, as when I read the quote: “Apple junkies are annoying.  Sent from my iPad.”
With my iPhone, I don’t feel quite as lonely.  Sometimes.
So thank you, Steve Jobs, and Apple, for giving me something to be grateful for.  

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