Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Twenty-two

Day 122 - Easy Gratitude
As I read through the entries for the first half of Elizabeth’s visits, I realize it’s becoming something of a brief travelogue; that’s not a bad thing, but it may not be as clear about the purpose of my blog - gratitude.
In my mind, even a travelogue that includes my daughter is an expression of gratitude - one that comes easily when I’m with her.  It astounds me sometimes that I could have been involved with the creation of such a wonderful human being.
She went with me to a coffee shop where I met with a client.  The meeting went well, though our schedule needed to change to meet his particular need, meaning we would come back to the same coffee shop tomorrow for a longer session.  Lizzie didn’t hesitate to say she’d come with me again.  She is engrossed in a book Mom gave her, and seemed perfectly content to sit with her book at a cup of Chai tea.  
I am grateful beyond measure for her.  It’s easy.

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