Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Thirty-six

Day 136 - Healing
Nature is amazing; it takes care of us in so many ways (and the least we can do is return the favor... but I am not going to speak politically today).  I am amazed at how the healing process goes on without our attention to it - it keeps going, cell by cell, restoring what was damaged.  Persistent.  Constant.
I am lucky that my thumb has done so well.  I am fortunate that my immune system is intact; that my ability to heal is not compromised, that my shoulder where the tetanus shot was administered last week has finally stopped hurting.  The cap of skin that I almost totally removed from the end of my thumb was no longer necessary, and my body let it go.  Now I don’t have to wear a bandage anymore.  It’s a fascinating process.
I am also healing emotionally from wounds sustained in 2010.  I have found myself ready to move on - slowly, carefully, but steadily.  I have made some good connections lately that are helping with that a lot.
Nature is taking care of me.

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