Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Twenty-seven

Day 127 - Zoom Care
I cut my thumb today chopping onions to go into my lunch.  I was being careless, and whoop!  The knife went right into the end of the thumb.  It didn’t sever anything, just a deep cut in the end.  It’s the first time I ever got woozie from an injury.  The first thing I thought when I cut into my thumb was that I would probably miss my yoga class that night.  I had been looking forward to it for weeks.
I skipped my networking meeting to go to urgent care.  A friend and fellow networker suggested Zoom Care at Bridgeport Village here in Tigard.  As I was on my way, I thought to call to see if they take walk-ins.  Good thing I called - they don’t.  They had two other locations - one in the Pearl (NW Portland) and one out in Tanasbourne on SW 185th.  The immediate reservation filled before the reservation agent could fill in my information, so I had to make a reservation for an hour and a quarter later.  
However, when I got there, confirmed my information and gave them my ID, Alicja Gonzales, the PA, suggested I come on back so she could look at it while they waited for the scheduled patient to arrive.  She said I’d have to wait if I needed stitches, but if not, she could treat me quickly.  
I didn’t need stitches.  However, she strongly recommended a tetanus shot, even though she didn’t think the risks were high.  
So why am I grateful for Zoom Care?  First, because, although I had to make a reservation instead of just walking in, they still saw me quickly, and secondly, a visit is only $99.  The tetanus shot was another $74.  And while that certainly was not in my budget (especially after spending $258 on antibiotics last week), it was a lot better than if I had gone into a hospital emergency room.  Can you imagine what THAT would have cost?
I’m grateful that there are businesses like Zoom Care that can offer quality health care services at a reasonable price.  

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