Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred Ninety-nine

Day 299 - Unexpected Talent
I had coffee today with an energetic young man who presents himself as a resource to job seekers on self branding and how to create a personal marketing plan for your job search.  I have to admit a small amount of skepticism - he seems so young - what could he present that I haven’t already seen?  I’ve run across numerous blogs by recent college graduates spouting their “latest tips” and earth-shattering revelations that turn out to be the same stuff I learned a long time ago; I expected this to be a similar experience.
I’m happy to say I was completely wrong.  Allen not only understands marketing inside and out, but he has the best “Interview Kit” I have ever seen.  Think of it as a marketing kit (a folder with your organization’s collateral information - brochures, etc.) for your own personal brand, what you offer (a potential employer) and where you stand in your market.  I was blown away.
I’m glad he put me in my place (though I hope he didn’t realize I had walked in with some erroneous assumptions).  It reminded me that age, experience and other chronologically-oriented factors rarely have anything to do with talent.  It was my own re-entry into reality and I felt enriched by our conversation.

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