Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred Eighty-six

Day 286 - Graciousness
I was supposed to be in Vancouver, BC today.
Well, actually, I wanted to be in Vancouver today - Ignacio had invited me to attend a concert with him.  Ute Lemper, a German cabaret singer/actress was performing, and he bought two tickets, hoping I could manage a trip north.  Unfortunately, with a total lack of any income, and looking at the future, I simply couldn’t afford the trip this time.  I was very disappointed - I didn't want to let him down, and I wanted to share more time with him - and he knew it.
Fortunately, though, Ignacio was gracious in allowing me off that hook.  He (repeatedly) made it clear that he understood why I couldn’t be there, and that he empathized with my situation (having been in a similar predicament a few years ago).  And when he sent me a quick text message after the show, expressing how much fun he had had, I did feel a little better.  He told me he wished I had been the one to go with him (instead of one of his friends in Vancouver), but it was only in the sense of wanting to share this experience with him.  
Thank goodness for thoughtful people.

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