Friday, April 27, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Three Hundred Nineteen

Day 319 - Making Plans
I sat down to lunch with my financial planners today.  Ed and Roberto have been very supportive of me during my tough years, and now as I begin a new chapter of employment with income, they are as eager to help me save and prepare for my future as I am.  I want to save aggressively while maintaining a balance of “living life,” and I have little doubt they’ll be able to help.  I’m determined to live within a budget moving forward, and they’re going to help me do that.
They also asked for my professional advice, which I was able to provide.  We decided to swap services - who says the barter system is dead? - and I feel like this is a good arrangement.  Once again, I am lucky to be in the spot I find myself today.
The thought of finally having my life back crosses my mind again and again; my own home, my own dishes, my own bed, my own choices....  I get to make plans again with some kind of foundation to them - not just hopes and dreams.  I am so fortunate.
I hope I never forget what this feels like.

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