Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Three Hundred Two

Day 302 - Variations
Today was a variation on a theme in the sense that today’s activities were the same as I have had in the past, only with a twist.
It started with a phone screen interview.  I was delighted to be considered for a training position for a large car rental company.  It turned out that the position was very similar to my last full-time job - in fact, it sounded exactly the same.  I felt as if I could do that job blindfolded.  Yet by the end of the conversation, I didn’t feel as if I had connected with the interviewer.  What made this time different was, at the end of the conversation, I wasn’t convinced that I wanted to move forward.
Then came my Monday networking meeting.  We have a new moderator, as the wonderful woman who has been shepherding the group got a temporary job, and won’t be able to attend for awhile.  The feeling was naturally very different, though we all knew each other and followed the same general format.
My day finished with happy hour with my friends Manuel and Fred who are now co-moderators for my job seekers support group.  Except Fred was ill and couldn’t make it.  Manuel and I had a great conversation at Metrovino, a wine bar about a block from his condo in the Pearl.  Though we missed Fred’s addition to the conversation, it was great getting to know Manuel a little more.
In all, it was an interesting-yet-comfortable day.  The variations kept it fresh.

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