Friday, April 27, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Three Hundred Eighteen

Day 318 - It’s All Greek To Me
Thespians the world over are celebrating Shakespeare’s birthday this week.  His birthday is actually tomorrow, but he was the first to coin the phrase “It’s all Greek to me,” which is relevant to me today.
I had lunch with my dear friend Georgia Manos today.  A native Greek of transcendent beauty and grace, Georgia was the in charge of the bank I used when I moved to Long Beach in the spring of 2000.  I was happy to be working with the branch manager after having some serious customer service issues at my previous branch in Los Angeles, and figured she would be the right person to turn to if I ever had further customer service concerns.
She became so much more than my banker.  She became a close friend.
Georgia has been there with me during my frustrations surrounding visitation with my kids, and watched them grow; she came to my commitment ceremony with my now-ex partner, buoyed me when that relationship ended, and over again with the next one.  She has kept up with me over the years, celebrating the ups and encouraging me during the downs.  She is kind, gentle, loving, and I am better for knowing her.
50 years ago today, she stepped onto US soil for the first time, and over lunch today, she shared with me her feelings, then and now.  She has lived a complex life with simple grace, and she is nothing less than an inspiration.
She spoke to me of how I have changed since we last sat down to talk several years ago.  She spoke of my growth, of my new sense of calm, of my apparent confidence.  I am always surprised to hear that people think I’m confident - my insecurities are always just under the surface, and I am constantly aware of them - so when she mentioned it, I was again taken aback.  That this woman who inspires me would suggest the feeling might be reciprocated is an amazement to me.  I am humbled.
So today, in honor of my friend Georgia, it’s all Greek to me.  May the next 50 years be even better.

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