Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred Ninety-four

Day 294 - Laughing at (Near) Failure
I decided I’d try something new last night: Chiles Rellenos.  Mom had me pick up a couple fresh Anaheim chiles at the store, and found a recipe that looked like it ought to create what we’ve had at various Mexican restaurants.  I’ve only done casseroles using some of the same ingredients, but we decided to try something more authentic.
To make a long story short, what we created looked very little like what we’ve been served.  It took both of us to get them into the pan - I had over-cooked the chiles, which then fell apart once they were stuffed with cheese - there was no way we could simply coat the chiles in the batter and drop them into the hot oil.  As we were placing them into the pan, we were both laughing so hard that I was afraid of dropping the whole meal on the floor.
The end result was adequate, though nothing close to success, even on taste.  The lesson: we enjoyed the meal because of the experience, not the product.  
I was thinking on this a lot today as I took a few more things to Goodwill - mainly some clothes I knew I’d never wear again - and made more room in my storage unit.  I have accumulated a lot of “stuff” which all brings back memories.  Having the items is less important that remembering the experiences associated with them.  I can laugh about the stories they tell me, and let them go.

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