Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred Eighty-eight

Day 288 - Co-Moderators
I wanted to write today about being grateful for “New Friends and Colleagues,” but that subject was taken (Day 24).  A side effect of the effort to avoid repeating myself is that I find it nearly impossible to find new ways of being grateful for new people coming into my life - the fact is I am grateful they’re here, that I feel fortunate to interact with them, and there aren’t a lot of ways to express that.  I think people are the heart of a happy existence (acknowledging that my happiness starts within me, but that’s another topic), and when new people of real quality come into my world, it carries me a step up, not just a step forward.
Such are Manuel and Fred.  Further to my post on Day 281, I asked them to become co-moderators of The Breakfast Club of Portland - the networking group I took over last year - a couple weeks ago, and they both agreed without hesitation.  I asked both of them because 1.) they both naturally attract people to themselves without pretense or agenda; 2.) they are respected within the group and have the kind of professional experience to understand how to lead a meeting; 3.) they both have a kindness about their individual styles, which are different from one another’s but quite complementary.  And I asked them because I know I will be out of town for awhile and want to ensure the Breakfast Club meetings continue seamlessly.
The best part (for me) is that they are becoming good friends, too.  I feel supported personally and professionally, and I’m grateful for their positive influence.  We got together for happy hour again today, and will continue this as a weekly thing.  I’m delighted.

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