Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Three Hundred Seven

Day 307 - Packing
I know, it’s a bit early still to be packing for my trip.  I can’t load the car yet, and the only suitcase that will fit in the trunk is already full and ready to go.  Still, if I don’t do something to prepare for this trip, I’ll go stir crazy.
I put as many hanging clothes into the garment bag as would fit, and slipped the rest into a couple black garbage bags with holes cut in the center-bottom to accommodate the hangers.  Since I’ll be overnighting in the Bay Area, I want them to be as invisible as possible through the windows (though I’m sure it will be obvious that the car is full of belongings).  Thank goodness I’m staying with friends who have secured off-street parking...
Packing also helped me clean my room.  I like the results of doing my chores even if I don’t care for the chores themselves.
I love a good road trip.  I’m not so keen on the anticipation before the departure.  Sometimes I wish I were leaving tomorrow, instead of three days from now.  But then, I have to do laundry....

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