Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Three Hundred Eight

Day 308 - Mobiles
I had the wonderfully good fortune of working with Leah Pellegrini again today - she’s one of the instructors at Aquila Glass School who has helped me a lot over the past couple years, and today she taught me how to make a mobile.
I didn’t even try to make mine unique; when I saw her latest work, I told her, “I want to make one just like THAT!”  So we cut the glass and fused the circles last week; today was the construction.
Leah posted a quote on Facebook a couple days ago that I thought was particularly appropriate:
"The ‘mobiles,’ which are neither wholly alive nor wholly mechanical, and which always eventually return to their original form, may be likened to water grasses in the changing currents, or to the petals of the sensitive plant, or to gossamer caught in an updraft. In short, although ‘mobiles’ do not seek to imitate anything because they do not ‘seek’ any end whatever, unless it be to create scales and chords of hitherto unknown movements—they are nevertheless at once lyrical inventions, technical combinations of an almost mathematical quality, and sensitive symbols of Nature, of that profligate Nature which squanders pollen while unloosing a flight of a thousand butterflies; of that inscrutable Nature which refuses to reveal to us whether it is a blind succession of causes and effects, or the timid, hesitant, groping development of an idea." 
- Jean-Paul Sartre on Alexander Calder's Mobiles
I am absolutely delighted with the final product.  I have enjoyed mobiles since childhood, and now I’ve finally made one.  I’ll include a photo here (though I look totally goofy); I’m looking forward to finding the right spot to hang it.

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