Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Three Hundred Sixteen

Day 316 - Joy
Oh. My. God.
Erik and I were in the kitchen, talking as we were getting our breakfast, when my phone rang.  The area code that came up on the caller ID was “949.”  That’s Brandman University’s area code.  Erik froze in place as I picked up the phone, saying, “Oh, God...."  

"Hello, this is Scott!”
“Hi Scott, this is Stacey at Brandman University.  How are you this morning.”
She is talking so slowly....  “I’m well, Stacey, thanks.  How are you?”
“I’m doing well, thanks.  ...I, uh... wanted to call and...”
(If she doesn’t speak faster, I’m going to....)
“...give you the good news.  We’d like to make you an offer for the Learning and Development Specialist position.”
I involuntarily began to jump up and down.  Erik had been watching me intently, gleaning what he could of the conversation from my expressions.  As my feet kept leaving the floor, his smile broadened; I think he was jumping up and down with me at one point.  At the same time, I was trying to sound calm on the phone.  When it was my turn to speak, I’d stop bouncing, take a breath, and try to speak evenly.  I was aware of my voice beginning to shake.  I was afraid I sounded like a moron.
When she said goodbye and “See you on Monday,” I turned to Erik and screamed like a girl.  He screamed right along with me.  This long, lonely road is finally coming to an end.
I immediately called my mom.  It was everything I could do to keep my composure, and when I told her the news, she started to cry.  And so did I.  I think Erik did, too.  

I sent text messages to Ignacio, to my daughters, to my family.  I posted my news on Facebook; I cannot believe the number of supportive, congratulatory comments I received today from wonderful friends and loved ones.  I am so blessed.
I spent the rest of the day floating above the world.  I went to the gym for the first time since I’ve been back.  They have expanded and totally renovated; it’s beautiful.  And what’s more, the employees are actually pleasant now.  The patrons aren’t nearly as rude as before.  It was actually a good experience.  That’s unusual for 24 Hour Fitness.  

Am I dreaming?
I did some grocery shopping.  I realized I’m not going to have to live on ramen noodles after all.  I spent a lot of time watching my emails and getting the word out about my good news.  What a difference a day makes.
Oh. My. God.  I am about to get my life back.

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