Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred Seventy-four

Day 274 - Fiction
Today was a fairly normal day.  I went to a networking meeting (a group), then another (an individual).  I’m glad these opportunities exist - I’d go stir crazy if I had nothing to do.
But then I came home.  Other than being on my computer (not so much on Facebook anymore, though I visit it), I have been enjoying reading the Wicked series by Gregory Maguire.  He enjoys using archaic language (sometimes a bit too much for my taste), but it is otherwise a brilliant alternative view of the Oz narrative.
I have been particularly grateful for fiction lately; it allows me to leave today’s existence, with its pressures and worries, and watch someone else’s story evolve.  I read the first two books just over a year ago, when I was staying with Erik in Long Beach; Ignacio gave me the third and fourth (final) book when number four was released.  I read the third installment, and decided I had better read the first two again so that when I pick up the final book, I won’t miss quite so many of the references.
It has been a fun journey to reconnect to these characters, and the anticipation of the final book - that apparently ties up a lot of loose ends - is fun to experience.

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