Friday, March 23, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred Seventy-five

Day 275 - New Possible Opportunities
Today was an eventful day.  Well... sort of.  I had two really good phone interviews.  These were initial “screening” interviews; if the interviewer felt I had done well enough, my resume would then be forwarded for a “real” interview with the hiring manager.  In both cases, I was told I would be advanced in the process, and both jobs look really exciting.  I was pleased.  
The day ended with my friend Josef’s 50th birthday party, which was at a splendid restaurant - Abby’s Table, a vegan place with the most delicious butternut squash gnocchi I’ve ever had (Abby even gave me the recipe!).  I met a couple of very nice men there: Ted, who is looking for work, and Bill, who wants to help me find work.  Who knew I’d be networking at a birthday party?!  I'll meet with both of them in the coming week or two.
In all, it was a pleasant day, and the new opportunities represented in these three “events” made it “eventful.”  

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