Monday, March 5, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred Sixty-two

Day 262 - Leap Year
This day only comes once every four years.  That means I won’t have to relive it for a long time.  Not that anything bad happened.  Well... not exactly, anyway.
I had the “big interview” I have been anticipating for days.  It was for a job I thought I really wanted, in spite of the excruciatingly low pay - the work would bring a great deal of personal satisfaction, knowing that I was helping people in a real, measurable way.  People that needed help, too.  I was excited.
I arrived on time and had to wait nearly an hour for the woman I was to meet with to be available.  Once in her office, though, things warmed up beautifully.  We were laughing, talking about everything - it felt really good.  When it came to asking for the job - hopefully in an office that could offer me the chance to shine and really help the organization - she deferred the question to the man who would be my supervisor, and with whom I was scheduled to speak with directly afterward.  Still, I felt as if I had gotten at least a base hit, if not a home run during our interview.

Then I met with the supervisor.  Within the space of a few minutes, this man, with whom I had spoken several times before, finally showed his true colors.  To make the long story short, he demonstrated three traits that caused me significant misgivings that I won't detail here; suffice it to say that my impressions were corroborating comments his people had made to me during my informational interviews with them earlier.
I was very disappointed as I left the building, though still glad I found out now what working for him would be like, rather than after accepting an offer.  I realize the offer may not come, making my feelings irrelevant.  Still, I have decided that should an offer of employment come in a couple or three weeks (he suggested it would probably take awhile to act) and I don’t have anything better on the table, I’ll take it.  If I end up being shunted off to the hinterlands, unable to make a difference, I’ll have to keep looking.  This wouldn't be a long term deal.  Drat.
At least today only comes once every four years.
Onward and upward....

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