Monday, March 5, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred Sixty-one

Day 261 - Reading People
I wonder sometimes how good I am at reading people.  There are times I hope I’m wrong.
I had another phone interview today, though this time I don’t think it went as well as the words would have anyone believe if they read a transcription of the discussion.  Although the interviewer said the right things, acknowledged the people we know in common, and gave me a chance to talk about my skills that could add value to his organization, I never felt the connection.  Granted, it was a phone interview, so I know it lacked a lot of the non-verbal communication.  But when you’ve interviewed over the phone as many times as I have, you gain an ability to “read” the other person in the same way you do in person, and I read this guy as simply “polite.”  
I’m not heartbroken, though.  I have some other irons in the fire, and felt OK with the outcome.  It’s better to have tried and failed than not to try at all, right?  I’m just glad I can read people fairly well.  It takes the sting out of the “thank you anyway” that comes later.

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