Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred Eighty-two

Day 282 - River Rock and Single Malt Scotch
I picked up a bowl I made at Aquila Glass School that I really like: it’s a square bowl I’ve named “Pool” because the center has the “river rock” effect I made for Ignacio’s shelf tops.  This piece is for me - I love how it turned out - and I expect I’ll use it for years to come.
I then spent a couple hours with a new friend, Bill Findlay, who introduced me to a new brand of single malt Scotch - McLellands - that I could easily drink regularly.  I’ve never been much of a Scotch drinker, but this could do the trick.
Bill is a good conversationalist and a genuinely interesting man.  He wouldn’t talk much about his career, though he was clearly successful, but instead kept turning the conversation back to how he might help me in mine.  He is hoping he may be able to make some connections for me.  I’m flattered and honored that he would want to help someone he has really only met.  It was a most pleasant evening.
Would that life could always be this positive.

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