Monday, January 23, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred Twenty-three

Day 223 - Easy Days
Sometimes it is nice not to have an agenda; the only thing planned for the day was the evening performance of the Victoria Symphony, so we had all day to enjoy freely.  Ignacio made breakfast - bacon, eggs, and fresh-baked croissants with raspberry preserves.  And, naturally, delicious coffee.  We walked around town to do a few errands including a stop at the market for food for the weekend.  
Lunch was a cheese sandwich made with a traditional Venezuelan arepa - a corn meal biscuit of sorts - simple and tasty.  (I will try to make them with American corn meal at home, but since he uses Venezuelan corn meal, I have no idea if it will turn out the same; I also don’t have the special press that shapes and cooks them properly, so I’ll have to use the unit I have and see what happens.)
The symphony performance was wonderful!  The theme was “The Rat Pack” - music of Frank, Dean and Sammy, as well as others of the period associated with them; the guest conductor, Matt Catingub (pictured), not only led the orchestra, but also sang, played the piano and saxophone.  He also introduced his drummer - a very handsome young man that has traveled with him for ten years.  (Given the way he introduced the handsome musician, both Ignacio and I wondered if there were more than a professional relationship there.)  
Ignacio had told me that prior performances in this concert series were rather hit-and-miss - some had been great while others were disappointing.  Fortunately tonight was a hit.
It was a great day.

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