Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred Twenty-five

Day 225 - Smooth Sailing
Today was a calm day - the weather, and my emotions - and that’s a good thing.  I didn’t want to leave Victoria.  I had a nice visit with Ignacio; it felt comfortable being there.  I could be “normal” again, for awhile, not an unemployed cypher.  Ignacio has been through much of what I am currently experiencing, and is one of only a few people I don’t feel is judging me poorly.  I felt safe there.
The ferry passage back to Seattle was pleasant, too.  The seas were smooth as glass.  I only took one Meclizine tablet (a non-drowsy motion sickness medicine - why didn’t I know about this stuff sooner?), and I probably didn’t need that.
I made my way to the bus stop I had located on the map, though I was unsure about it.  The sign said Bus 28 came to this stop, but it was an express?  Something felt wrong, so I looked at the map again, and realized I was a couple blocks north of where I should be.  Just as I was approaching the correct stop, my bus passed.  Next one in 30 minutes.
That was really the only hiccup in an otherwise uneventful day.  It’s nice to have days where things go right.

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