Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred One

Day 201 - Leisure Time
I took Ignacio to the Pittock Mansion today, and we were joined by my dear friends Blaine and Dan.  I haven’t been to the Mansion since high school, and never during the holiday season when it’s decked out with Christmas decorations.  If it is always a “Christmas Around the World” theme with decorations in each room representing the customs of different countries, I had forgotten.  It is a beautiful home (although I want to go back when the decorations aren’t there, so I can see what the rooms actually look like).
Since I’m staying in NW Portland, cat sitting for Denny, that was our “home base.”  It reminded me of what life was like when I was “on my own,” and I was happy to think I might be again.  It felt good to have things working out as they were.
Later on, we met back up with Blaine and Dan for dinner at their place in Camas, Washington.  Ignacio had asked about the naming of the town, as “camas” means “beds” in Spanish.  It turns out that “camas” is a native american word for a type of flower native to the area.  Who knew?  (I had figured it was probably founded as a bedroom community of Portland.)  
In all, it was a good day, unrushed and leisurely; I was grateful for it, and the time spent with Ignacio.

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