Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Year of Gratitude - Day Two Hundred Five

Day 205 - Home Stretch
The first Breakfast Club meeting of the year was this morning.  I didn’t expect a lot of people, but I did have one new participant.  He was particularly negative, and I had the impression that it is his personality more than his momentary frame of mind.  I mean no criticism by that; I mention it because he was something of a challenge for me as a moderator.  I thought the meeting went well, though.
I spent some time at the glass studio today, making chandelier beads - the small beads that hang above the drops.  I need 54 of them, and since I’m making them simply (only clear glass, no color), they go together quickly.  I also made a few twisties; Ignacio gave me the idea of where to place them on the chandelier, and I’m excited to try it.  In using twisties, I now have enough of the drops.  I am glad to have them done.
Today was the day I was supposed to hear back from the hotel in Bellevue.  No word.
Not much else happened today, and I’m glad to be on the final stretch of glass work for the chandelier.  Progress is a good thing.

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