Friday, November 25, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Sixty-three

Day 163 - Small Successes
Sometimes the little wins are sweet enough.
The day started with a meeting of The Breakfast Club of Portland job seeker’s group, and I was pleased to see most of our participants returning, along with two new attendees.  We were able to review the returning members’ goals from the last meeting and celebrate their successes, as well as support everyone’s goals for the next two weeks.  I felt the meeting was productive and positive.
Then I gave a free coaching session to a job seeker from the Breakfast Club.  She is a smart woman and I think very aware of the path she wants to be on.  Unfortunately she is in a job she isn't enjoying, having tried a job for all the right reasons, but discovering, after working in it for awhile, that it isn't a good fit.  She wants to get out of it and back into something she can enjoy.  We talked about a variety of industries, including hospitality, that she thought might be interesting.  As we talked, though, it became clear she was passionate and enthusiastic about only one.  By the end of the conversation, she knew what she was going to do.  She isn't desperate - she is still employed - but she needed some help in getting to a point of clarity.  I think we got there.
From there, I went to the glass school to try my hand again at making glass drops.  Judy had given me a good idea of what I had been doing wrong last Saturday, so I was eager to practice.  Sure enough, the drops went together very well - they’re not perfect yet (and one of them caught an air bubble as I made it, so I wasn’t surprised when it cracked as it cooled; I will fix it next time), but I was pleased with the six that turned out.  I am looking forward to making more.
The work day finished with a coaching session with the married couple.  Karin brought her resume that she revised per our conversation yesterday.  Frank didn’t bring his, so as to allow us to focus on Karin’s - she has a deadline to meet for a job application at the end of the week.  As we discussed how to quantify results in a resume, it all started to click for Frank, who clearly was now able to help Karin as she works on it from here.  We made a lot of notes on her draft resume, and I felt made significant progress.  I am looking forward to seeing the end result.  I was also delighted to receive payment.
I am grateful for the small successes that came today.  I may not say “less is more” yet, but small is big these days.

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