Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Fifty-four

Day 154 - Consideration
It was a dark and stormy day.  The clouds were heavy and low, and the strong winds scrubbed the shoreline with foamy seas.  Those brave (or foolish) enough to walk along the path risked being showered as the driven waves broke on rocks and seawalls.  ...I suppose it matters little when it is raining sideways.
Ignacio took me along Dallas Road to a breakwater, at the end of which is a small lighthouse.  New benches sat at its base, empty and wet in the gale.  The breakwater was probably ten feet wide, and stretched out in a curve into the open ocean.  There were several other people walking along the top to and from the lighthouse in spite of the gusts, which were strong enough to render the umbrella fairly useless.
There were moments when I was afraid of being blown into the water, though others didn’t seem so concerned.  I doubted Ignacio would continue any further if there were a real danger of being sent into the drink.  As my anxiety rose, I reminded myself that others were braving the elements successfully, including children... though children offer less wind resistance with less surface area, and being as tall as I am and wearing a heavy leather trench coat, I could catch the wind like a kite and be hurled into the cold Pacific....
My discomfort must have registered on my face, because after taking a few photos about two thirds of the distance toward the lighthouse, Ignacio suggested we go back to the shoreline.  I agreed - I figured there would be other opportunities to walk all the way out when the wind wasn’t quite so strong, and I could enjoy the stroll more completely.  We meandered through a seaside park and stopped for coffee and a nosh at a local cafe on Menzies Street, and then home.
It was a lovely day - the weather wasn’t all that, but the experience was.  At every point, there were small considerations - was I up for walking a distance?  Did I want to see the government building (and hear a bit of its history)?  Did I want to visit his favorite home store (Nood, on Yates Street), and have after-dinner drinks at the Bengal Lounge in the Empress Hotel?  Little things that considered my interests and well-being....  It is wonderful to be with a thoughtful friend.  

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