Friday, November 25, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Sixty-five

Day 165 - Thanksgiving
Mom said this was the first Thanksgiving that she did not prepare a feast in 56 years.  I had put out an open invitation to a number of friends to come to our place for the holiday, but all of them already had other plans.  Then Paul, my best friend from high school, invited us to his house instead.  He and his partner would be roasting the turkey they had raised, and we agreed to bring a couple dishes.  As the day approached, he ended up inviting seven others to the celebration.  We had a wonderful time.
And I ate far more than I should have.
I met an astrologist at Paul’s who suddenly told me that next year was going to be particularly good for me.  I hope she is psychic, too.
I was particularly grateful for Paul’s invitation.  I was afraid this would be a disappointing holiday.  I am lucky to have such a friend as Paul.  
I am also lucky to have such a mom.  She is an amazing support to me, and although my situation makes it difficult sometimes to show just how grateful I am, I hope she knows.  I do try to say so, and to show it.

I am grateful to Cleon, Jake, Seth, and all the other networkers in my social circles.  Without them, I would never have survived the last ten months.
I am also grateful to my friends Alix and Amy, for their support in my networking in Seattle.  I have regained a sense of excitement, and they made my efforts so much easier by providing their assistance.  Then there is my friend Denny, who offers me a sense of calm.  Blaine and Dan, Scott and Harold, Randy and Wade and Thom, Ken, and all the Boys, bring a smile to my face just thinking about them....  I could list so many people here, and I’m sure I’d leave too many out by mistake, but I am grateful to you all.
Finally, I am grateful to Ignacio, who has brought a bright light into my world.  I don’t think it has been nearly as dark here since we finally met in person two months ago (after corresponding for how many years?), and I’m looking forward to a few more walks.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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