Monday, November 14, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Forty-four

Day 144 - Managing Expectations
I had an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar today; when I made the appointment yesterday, I expressed my desire to speak with two specific people (both of whom she confirmed would be working).  I went in expecting to speak with either or both of them.  
I was disappointed.
I was reminded, naturally, of the quote I often give when teaching customer service courses - The difference between delighting and disappointing the customer is defined as the gap between what the customer expects and what he/she experiences.  I thought I had adequately explained to the young woman at the Apple Store who took my call what I expected, and when I arrived, I was addressed by an Apple “Genius” who wasn’t as personable or as helpful as the two I had asked to speak with.
My first inclination was to be upset.  Getting upset doesn’t help anything, though, so I took what he could offer in terms of help, and decided instead to come back at a later date when one of the two I wanted to talk to would be available.  I also thought back on the conversation I had when I set up the appointment, and I realized that while I had been clear on what I wanted, I did not ask her to confirm that she understood.  Instead, I should have asked her to repeat my request, and to be sure she would make the appointment I then expected to have.  It might have gone better had I managed the expectations better.
Lesson learned.

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