Monday, November 7, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Forty-two

Day 142 - Seeing Progress In Others
I had a chance to have dinner with a fairly new friend.  He is going through a lot of significant changes in his life, and when we got together a couple months ago, things seemed to be weighing very heavily on him.  You could see it in his face, and hear it in his voice.  His eyes quietly spoke of his emotional fatigue.  
What a difference a day makes.  Well, sixty days.
Tonight, he is upbeat, lively, energetic.  His humor is on.  He looks great, and obviously feels great.  
He thanked me for the things I had said to him two months ago, and for the support I gave him.  While I was gratified to think I had helped, my first thought was “that’s what friends are for.”  It didn’t occur to me to do anything else.  I was delighted to see the improvement in his life, and all because he did what he needed to do, and allowed himself to be healthy in the process.  He did all the heavy lifting; I just offered a kind word.
Still, seeing his progress made me feel better about my own, even if I don’t see much.  I have to admit I’ve made some headway, and I’m reminded of it as I watch him thrive.
Happy news is happy for everyone.

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