Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Sixty-seven

Day 167 - Trusted Friends
I had a relaxing opportunity to sit down with a couple of trusted friends today, just to talk over a cup of tea.  One is the “oldest” friend I have - a friendship of 33 years (though I suppose I should mention that he is two days younger than I) - and the other is his partner.  We haven’t had a chance to catch up in any depth for awhile, and it was nice to be able to talk about anything and everything without having to put up any facades or choose words.  It is something I have always appreciated about my friendship with him - we can (and do) talk about everything.
I have often heard about people who have very few close friends, and thought about my own relationships.  I am lucky to have a number of good friends, most of whom I trust to some degree, and some who invite me to join them for happy hour and social gatherings.  But when it comes to people I could call at any hour of the night with any emergency, I could count the number on one hand and have a finger or two left over.
I feel fortunate to have these friends.  Ultimately, quantity is easily outweighed by quality.  To have a friend I can trust on this level is a blessing.  It is a relationship I do not take for granted, and try to nurture as best I can.

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