Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Sixty-six

Day 166 - Traction
I received an unexpected phone call today from the Director of Human Resources at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle about the resume I had sent to their Director of Sales regarding the open Director of Catering position.  The DOS asked the DHR to interview me next week when I’m in town interviewing at the Embassy Suites, since she (the DOS) will be out of town on business; so we scheduled an afternoon appointment on Thursday.
There is a part of me that is excited about this position.  First, it is a waterfront hotel, and I have worked at two waterfront properties in California.  They can be an easy sell.  Secondly, it’s downtown, where I would prefer to work - using public transportation is my goal so I can avoid a commute in my car (I’m tired of driving in traffic), and it is more prevalent downtown - and the hotel is relatively close to the neighborhoods I would like to consider living in (I'd love to walk to work, but that neighborhood is likely to be very expensive).  And there are other conveniences based on its location and unique qualities that make me feel I could do a good job.  I try not to think about the downsides.
It is interesting to me how the two interviews I’ve been able to set up in fairly short order are for jobs about which I have some strong reservations - it’s not that I don’t want a job (quite the contrary), but rather that these are for duties I do not enjoy.  Yes, it’s possible the pay might be good, and the “better” opportunities might be there in time, but can I be happy in a job I dislike?  More importantly, what am I supposed to learn from this, assuming it is some sort of lesson?  Is there a reason beyond the economy why I have been able to schedule two interviews in Seattle in one month's effort while needing six months to get one interview in Portland?
Two weeks ago (Day 150), I mentioned that I hoped to get some traction from my networking in Seattle.  Here we go!  I am assuming the universe is trying to tell me something, and I want to allow the good to come. Naturally, I can't say whether I'll get either job; nevertheless, I focus on the aspects of these opportunities that make me feel good - the chance to live independently again primary among them.  My friend-and-mentor, Cleon, has suggested I go into business for myself - a prospect that I think will be somewhat easier if income is not an issue - and wonder if there is some opportunity elsewhere that I’m not noticing.  I don’t know, so I move toward what feels good, and hope for the best.
I haven’t had the chance to network much into the training field in Seattle (my friend Dana’s suggestion that there isn’t much opportunity in Portland appears to be true), so I have no idea what kind of traction will develop until I meet some colleagues there (which will happen mid-December when I will attend three events within two days).  Hopefully something will come of that, too.  My emotions are on slippery territory, so I will take this one step at a time.  
Traction is good.

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