Monday, November 21, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day One Hundred Fifty-six

Day 156 - Fog
I began the day with a pleasant networking meeting with a recruiter, to whom I was introduced by a good friend.  He seemed genuinely interested to help, though perhaps a bit unclear as to how.  I take responsibility for that - sometimes it’s not easy explaining how trainers benefits an organization when there is a lack of understanding of what training specialists do.  I try to give my networking contacts an idea of the strategic importance of employing trained trainers, but also understand that thinking beyond one’s ken is not the norm.  Perhaps I need to work on that part of my story.
Then I drove home.  I stopped by the Museum of Glass in Tacoma only to discover it is closed between Labor Day and Memorial Day.  Really?  They can’t get enough visitors to cover expenses for nine out of twelve months?  I was disappointed.  I was told they’re building a glass museum in the Seattle Center (where the kiddie rides used to be up until a few months ago).  Maybe I’ll be able to enjoy that someday.
The rest of the drive was uneventful.  The highway patrol were out in force - I passed through at least four speed traps (that was how many I noticed, with cruisers parked along the freeway, radar guns pointed at oncoming traffic), and figure there were others that I didn’t see.  I drove through a number of patches of fog, and while it looks peaceful, it can be full of unknowns.  Fortunately everything is clear when you come out of them.
Naturally, I thought about the analogy, comparing this drive to my current situation in life.  I am in a fog; sometimes it is thick, and I can’t see anything; sometimes it is light, and while I can see the road I’m on, it isn’t clear what the destination looks like, or how close or far it may be.  Sometimes there are traps that will hold me back if I’m not careful.  I know I’ll get there if I stay on the road and pay attention to the signs.  
I think of the story I heard years ago about approaching life as if driving at night - though you only see a few hundred feet in front of you, the destination is still reached as long as you stay on the road and keep driving.
The fog will lift in time.  I just want that time to be now.  Still, I was glad for the reminder that the destination is coming if I continue to move along the road. 

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