Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Sixty-three

Day 63 - Talkers
Twice this week, I’ve spent time with someone that doesn’t allow me to get a word in.  Sure, it bugs me at times (especially when I’m not able to make a point that I felt was germane to the topic), but I remembered something important:
I asked for it.
Some time ago, I identified a certain habit that I wanted to change about myself, namely that I talk too much.  I want to listen more.  I try to practice listening, and when I find myself talking too much, I try to ask a question to take the subject back to the other person.  Am I good at it yet?  Probably not.  But I keep trying.
The universe brings us what we ask for.  
I have met a couple of sweet, funny, intelligent people over the past few weeks who, when we get together, talk a lot.  They both interrupt me, talking over me, seemingly oblivious to the idea they’ve just prevented me from finishing a sentence again.  ...Or are they just doing what I do back to me?  Honestly, I don’t know.  But I’m learning to listen.
I am getting less annoyed by the interruptions, too, the more I practice.  I don’t like the fact that I talk too much, or interrupt people, or finish their sentences for them.  I am embarrassed when I catch myself doing it.  I want this growth.
How odd to find myself in this situation.  I hope I learn well from it.

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