Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Sixty-four

Day 64 - Rest
As I said before, it was a challenging week.  My body concurred today.
I have felt like I was slacking this past week - I didn’t think I worked that hard or accomplished that much.  I even missed an important networking meeting because I hadn't been sleeping well and felt too awful to go that morning.  I have pressed myself to try to do more, and today my body said “enough.”  While my mind was saying “keep going,” my body told me to take some time off - give myself a rest.  So I did.
I slept for two hours this afternoon.
I got done the things I needed to do today; I didn’t do everything that was on my calendar (including meeting up with some friends to celebrate the visits of two out-of-town members of our “group,” and I’m grateful for their understanding when I didn’t show up at the party).  I really needed this rest.
I am feeling better as a result.  Tomorrow begins a brand new week.

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