Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Seventy-seven

Day 77 - Reminiscing
Today was lovely - perfect weather, spending some time with good friends, and looking at cars dating back to my childhood and beyond made for a wonderful day.
I joined a group of friends - a contingent of The Boys, as I call them - at “Cars In the Park” at the Portland Art Museum; today was Mopar day - Chrysler products.  I took nearly 60 pictures with my iPhone and posted many of them on Facebook.  It was great to see these old cars, most of them from an era when cars had style.  (Chrysler hasn’t been my favorite automaker in terms of design, but to see them brought back a lot of memories.)
It took me back to a time when life was simpler.  We were young and care free, as children should be.  We took the style of the day for granted.  It was all we knew.  Now, after decades of boxes on wheels and a focus on economy over flair, we see these huge fins and tons of steel and chrome and wish we could go back to the days of 35 cent gasoline.  And innocence.
The trick isn’t to find a way to live in the past.  It is to bring what was good and right from our memories and recreate it in modern form.  Maybe owning a classic car can help with that; simply going to the car show is enough.  Let’s live in the present, remembering what feels good, and focusing on what still feels good... like spending time with good friends, just like we did when we were young and care free.

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