Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Sixty-nine

Day 69 - Rhythm
I’m grateful for the rhythm of life I’m feeling.  It’s not the regular beat of a typical work day; since I’m not working full time, I have a lot of flexibility, and sometimes I am not as efficient with my use of time as I would be if I were working 8 hours every day.  But I’ve found a rhythm here in Portland that I’m enjoying.
It was set back a bit because of a phone call I had to make; I am helping a couple of fellow job seekers by doing a mock background check, calling their former employers for references.  When we got together recently, we talked about how we don’t know what our former employers were saying about us, and we decided to make some calls for each other to find out.  I had a 30-minute call for one who was afraid her former employer would not offer a pleasant reference.  As it turned out, it was very positive.
I got maybe a third of my workout done before I had to leave for the Job Finders Support Group meeting, figuring at least I did four exercises (it beats none at all).  The meeting went well, too.  
By keeping to a schedule, however flexible as it may be, I’m finding some comfort in the routine.  It’s not what I want yet, but it’s good.
I like being busy and having something consistent to look forward to.  I am grateful to those who have afforded me this new comfort zone.

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