Friday, August 26, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Seventy-six

Day 76 - Accountability
Accountability isn’t something we often think of when discussing gratitude.  
I believe most people think of accountability as being held responsible for something we didn’t do on time, or at all, or did wrong, and now we’re in trouble.  Or better, someone else is.
I promised to have something done by Sunday, and I completed it today.  I was afraid to let my colleagues down by missing the deadline, so I acted on it as soon as I had time.  For a procrastinator like me, that’s an accomplishment.
What struck me was that, although my initial efforts were motivated in part by fear of failure or disappointment, it wasn’t the dominant motivator.  And better than that, the sense of accomplishment that came with completing the task felt wonderful.  I could have avoided making the commitment in the first place, circumventing the accountability altogether.  Instead, by pushing myself to get it done on time (or early) I achieved a success - small as it may be - that made me feel good.  
I need to feel good.
Now, on to my next success.  So far, so good. 

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