Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Seventy

Day 70 - Quiet
Today - Saturday, August 20 - was a relatively quiet day.
It started out very early, at 4:00 AM, when the alarm first went off.  An hour later, I was taking Mom to the airport for her trip to Scotland.  She will be gone for two weeks (the last few days visiting friends in western Massachusetts).
When she first floated the idea of taking this tour, we had discussed the possibility of my joining her.  Then I got laid off and my income went away, making the trip an impossibility for me.  It’s OK - I have a few things ranking higher on my priority list now.
The apartment is quiet.  It’s not that she’s noisy, but there isn’t anyone here talking with me.  I have the place to myself.  The quiet is wonderful.
Don’t get me wrong - I get along with my mom very well.  My situation, though, of being without a home of my own for two and a half years is an increasingly difficult challenge - you don’t know how important privacy is until you lose it.  I can appreciate why popular actors and other celebrities go nuts after awhile.  I can certainly empathize with other homeless people who don't have anywhere but shelters and bridges to provide a roof for them.
I got a whole bunch of chores done without worrying if I were in someone’s way; I ate a salad with all the vegetables I like to put in it without having to wonder if anyone else is going to enjoy it; I did my own thing without it being anyone else’s.  I didn’t leave the apartment until my evening commitments required my departure.  The sense of peace was a gift.
I’m grateful for the quiet of the next two weeks, and while I will miss Mom and wonder about all the new experiences she’s having on her tour of Scotland, I’m glad I didn’t go.

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