Friday, August 5, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Fifty-three

Day 53 - Full Days
I know I’ve written about “busy-ness” before; I have come to the conclusion that my goal of never repeating any topic over a span of 365 days is not realistic, so I will try to offer a different take on those that are repeated because of the events of a given day.
Day 53 (Wednesday, 8/3) went beyond “busy-ness.”  I didn’t get a break - even for a workout.  I was “on” from 8:00 until 8:00 PM, and was so exhausted I even forgot to brush my teeth before getting into bed.

It was a productive day, too.  I went to my first “HR Lunch Bunch” meeting hosted by HR Answers in Tualatin.  It was a great discussion and I felt very much at home surrounded by HR people again.  I also may get some kind of referral from it, too.  We’ll see.  I also attended a planning meeting for the Portland Leadership Forum, and that, too, was a productive discussion.  I look forward to more of these.
I then met a new acquaintance, Chuck, for coffee downtown.  Delightful man.  His partner was the Executive Director for Affirmation at one time, too (a support group for gay Mormons), so we could relate on another level besides job seeking and networking.  I look forward to getting together with him again.
And I attended a Next Level mixer in the evening.  This is one of those casual business mixers that are always enjoyable; but what makes this one unique for me is that I always meet someone that has real business potential - maybe not a potential customer, but the networking seems to work here in ways other groups can only aspire to.  I’m not sure what makes this one so different, but I won’t miss them.
Time flies when you’re having fun.  I have to admit, I’m having fun, even though so much of my effort is focused on finding work.  I don’t think I’ve ever worked harder in my life, and that feels good.

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