Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Sixty-eight

Day 68 - Time
Today I’m grateful for time - time to get it right.
I went to a luncheon yesterday where the speaker gave me quite a few things to think about.  It was an interesting experience.  I’ve spoken to others who were in attendance who didn’t care for him - they felt his presentation lacked structure.  He was bouncing from one concept to another pretty quickly, and as HR professionals, many of us need to follow a recognizable process to understand and connect with a speaker.
Except me.
I think I must be just as scattered as the presenter, because I was following along incredibly well.  One of my colleagues said to me that she was certainly able to follow him, but there was a lot of “fluff” - he could have given all this information in about 15 minutes.
OK, I respect that.  For those who prefer the structure of Powerpoint and bullets, this guy was not for them (and he warned them of that in the beginning).  I came away with a lot, though.
I decided to focus today on one concept I came away with: to always be working on something.  He suggested we all should have something we want to improve, something to work on.  Today, I chose to begin working on something he mentioned: only hurrying when I’m actually in a hurry.  I don’t always have to walk fast, or drive fast, or get around the idiot in front of me who stays in the left lane even though s/he’s the slowest on the freeway.  ...OK, yes, I do have to get around the slow-poke because that’s not only stupid, it’s rude.  But I digress....
And as I began working on this, I realized that I have time to get it right.
I have already written at length about my Fifteen Minutes of Fame, and it seemed to die off pretty quickly.  Well, I got an email from another HR professional today who saw the article in the paper and got my contact information through our professional association.  We’ll see if it leads to anything.  The point in this, though, is that I have time to let it happen.  I don’t have to hurry.  I can remain open to whatever good the universe is bringing me.
I have time to get it right.
I am grateful for that, indeed.

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