Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Seventy-three

Day 73 - Familiars
No, I’m not talking about witches, witchcraft, or anything that Christine O’Donnell may or may not espouse.  I’m referring to the moment when, as you’re talking to someone you’ve just met, they seem familiar to you, as if you’ve known them for much longer than four minutes.
I was originally going to headline this entry as “familiar spirits” but I had a meeting that went beyond the personality.  I met with a woman who looked familiar, too.  I know we have never met; though we grew up within a few miles of one another, she is four years behind me in age - we would never have met even if we had attended the same schools.  Our interests overlapped only slightly.  We would have had little in common back then.
Yet now we are both HR people, and in a similar quandary of looking for full-time work.  Her resume shouts her talent - it is obvious that she is clearly very capable on several levels.
As we chatted over coffee, I had the feeling I must have known this woman from somewhere, but I realized how she reminded me of others in my past - physically, vocally, emotionally.  It made me feel as if I were connected to her, though indirectly.  We were in sync - our paths parallel - though the roads we had taken had different names.
Eventually it occurred to me that we are ALL connected indirectly.  Even those who are wildly successful are connected to me, and I to them, albeit in ways many of us cannot possibly feel or explain in typical terms.  I’ve been talking a lot this week with friends and colleagues about following our intuition.  Maybe this interconnectivity is something to explore more.
At the end of the day (and after a wonderful dinner and conversation with dear friends Will and Robert), I felt the peace of being connected with those who understand and support me, and those in my shoes, as well as those who simply put positive energy out there for me to feel through the web we call humanity.  Let’s all be grateful for those whose vibrations in the universe resonate toward joy.

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