Friday, August 12, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Fifty-nine

Day 59 - Slogging Through Emotional Mud
Wow... what a long day.  It didn’t feel like a summer day.
The weather was fine - maybe a little cool for an August day, but that’s not unusual anymore (the last two Augusts have been unusual here in Portland).  My energy, however, was really low, as was my mood.  It felt as if I were trudging through an enormous field of mud, and it took all day to get across.
It started out with an emotional cloud over my head, sort of like what you’d see over Eeyore.  I had no energy.  It was a struggle to get to the gym, and even more to practice any sort of patience with the drivers ahead of me on the road.
I had a late morning coffee meeting with a very well-connected woman from one of my networking groups, and she gave me four people to contact in my networking efforts.  She’s a delightful woman, and I enjoyed our time together.
Then I had lunch at Chino Sai-Gon (NE Broadway at 9th, who makes the best chicken coconut soup you’ve ever had while offering the worst service) with an energetic colleague I know through PABA.  Sharon has more energy that PGE, and it was a wonderful conversation.
As the day progressed from there, though, I felt as if I were a leaky balloon.  That which was keeping me “up” was leaving me.  Quickly.  I felt exhausted - physically and emotionally - just as I had in the morning.
I wonder if I would have even left my bedroom if it weren’t for these meetings to entice me.  
By the end of the day, all I wanted was the end of the day.  What I realize is that slogging through the emotional mud has been a workout, and working out makes me stronger.  OK, so maybe there’s the kernel I needed to find some gratitude.  Please let this day make me stronger.

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