Monday, August 29, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Seventy-eight

Day 78 - Getting Out
Day 78 was stellar, except for the fact that my aerosol sunscreen’s propellant ran out long before the sunscreen, resulting in the most bizarre sunburn I’ve ever had.  I swear you’d think I was diseased by looking at my back.  ...OK, let’s not go there.
It was an otherwise perfect day: warm, sunny, not too hot, with a gentle breeze, and accompanied by good friends.  I had planned to leave earlier than I did - I was enjoying my time there way too much to go.  And I met a new friend, too, late in the day, so I was glad I stayed.  I still got my chores done at home afterward, so it wasn’t time wasted.
Friends ask me if I’m getting out of the house; they are afraid I’m becoming a hermit after being unemployed so long - as one friend put it, “Just want to make sure your not turning into one of those Momma’s Boys that sits home and knits in front of the TV.”  The fact is I’ve never been busier in my life.  I need a job just to get a break!
However, there is a kernel of truth in his concern.  While I’m getting out of the house every day networking like crazy, I haven’t done as much socializing - the type where it’s ONLY social.  It’s tough when you don’t have an income to support it.  I didn’t go to a “leather” event at the Eagle last night, even though I’ve had it on my calendar for three weeks.  I have passed up dinners and/or shows with friends.  Even the trip out to the river costs money in gasoline, and I pack very little food - usually only a few things I have on hand.  I often don’t feel like socializing, even though I know I’ll feel better if I do.
Like today.
I was so glad my friend Scott asked me to join them.  Getting out, meeting people, and having fun is crucial to one’s well being, income or not. 

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