Friday, August 12, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Fifty-eight

Day 58 - New Old Friends
I had an interesting day.  Emotionally, I wasn’t really ready for the day, but I did have a few bright spots as the hours passed.  
One came at a networking lunch, when one of my networking acquaintances agreed to schedule a meeting.  I’m not sure if it will bring me any business, but it felt good to be asked.
I had coffee with another job seeker before our weekly Monday afternoon networking meeting.  He has been unemployed for some time, and he and his wife are currently living with his mother.  We shared a few stories, and I’m so impressed with his energy - this is a quality man, and I feel fortunate to have him on my side.  
The day ended with a delightful dinner with someone I feel I already know, but hadn’t met in person.  We were introduced “virtually” by a dear friend in Long Beach back in late 2008, and we have played Scrabble via Facebook ever since.  We have shared various frustrations, joys and “down” times over the past few years, so when I met him in his hotel lobby, it felt as easy and natural as any other friendship I’ve enjoyed.  I was so happy to transform this virtual friendship into a “real” one.
It’s nice to spend time with genuine people.  People with integrity - there just aren’t enough of them these days.  And even if we’re new friends, it feels like I’ve known them for years.

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