Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Year of Gratitude - Day Sixty-one

Day 61 - Being Supportive
In prior blog entries, I’ve discussed my gratitude for the various kinds of support I receive from friends, from my mom, from colleagues, etc.  This time, I want to say how happy I am when I am offered the opportunity to be supportive of others.
I had a wonderful phone call from a coaching client who told me of a successful interview; he has been out of a real job for five years, and today he was offered a real job.  It’s not a “bridge” job - as a cashier at Home Depot - it’s a job that uses his skills and abilities beyond scanning a UPC code and handing out change.  It’s a job he’s excited to do.  He thanked me for the help I had given him in the form of Interviewing Skills training.  What he may not realize is how much I gained by serving him.
I also had the opportunity to talk to an HR professional about a company that needs some help; I will be able to pass this information along to a consulting colleague in an attempt to support him and his business.  It’s possible that, sometime down the road, he may come to me with something, to reciprocate, but the idea that I might be able to help someone else at least gives me the satisfaction of making something good happen.
Then I had a chance to talk to my youngest daughter, Catherine.  What a joy.  She has her struggles - burdens placed on her by toxic, abusive people - and to see her push through and thrive now that she’s in a healthy environment is delightful.  Her therapist told me that my support during the past few phone conversations has really helped her a lot.  He couldn’t have made me happier if he told me I won the lottery.  ...OK, bad analogy, but you understand....
My friends, fellow job seekers, family, colleagues, clients... they do so much for me just by allowing me to support them.  I am grateful.

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