Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Year of Gratitude: Day Three Hundred Fifty-eight

Day 358 – Boxes to Stumble Over

Anyone who knows me well understands that I like to have a fairly tidy home.  I don’t try to live in a museum, and it's usually true that my desk is cluttered and in disarray.  But in general, I like to keep my home in such a state that when unexpected guests arrive, I don’t have to hurry to close a door or hide a sink full of dishes.

However, when one has just moved into a new home, boxes and out-of-place possessions are to be expected.  Navigating through them in the early morning may be difficult, but not a big deal (as long as you can find the clothes you need and can manage a decent breakfast).  And even though there are moments when I wish I had a lot less and could start over, I am reminded that these things were accumulated over a long period and represent memories of accomplishment and success.  Sometimes it’s not a bad thing to be stumbling over a box or bag.  Sometimes it means more than clutter.

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