Monday, October 8, 2012

A Year of Gratitude: Day Three Hundred Thirty-two

Day 332 – Discovery

I wish I could say today’s topic were going to shed light on something profound; even something profound for me.  But then sometimes life’s lessons come in the most mundane wrappings.  Today’s discovery is one that will take some time – discovering the new ways traffic on Interstate 405 has changed, and the choices that will result as I try to discover the best time to enter into it to avoid the worst of the slowing.

I’ve been working out first thing in the morning at the 24 Hour Fitness in Long Beach (“working out” is a relative term, since I haven’t been able to get there early enough to get a full workout; but half a workout is better than nothing).  The gym is fairly close to the freeway entrance, which makes it convenient.  However, traffic going through Orange County seems to have worsened in the eight years since I was traveling it twice a day.  It’s awful, though not as bad as what I had between Long Beach and West LA.  Still….

Of course, it will take time to find out if what I’m running into is the norm; I will have to look into finding a gym closer to my work (I know there are several I can go to between Long Beach and Irvine), but until then, I’m wondering if I can find the right time to leave home to get a real workout, and then avoid the worst of traffic.  We’ll see.

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